We, Sakura Ferroalloys is Producer Supplier of High Carbon Ferro-Manganese

We produce around 240, 000 tonnes Ferromanganese per annum.

Our Materials

  • Gemco

  • Australia

  • GKO

  • Metallurgical Coke

  • China

  • NA

  • MMTS

  • South Africa

  • Sinter

  • NC - 45

  • South Africa

  • NA

Our Production

The plant will manufacture high carbon ferro-manganese (HCFeMn). One furnace will produce approximately 24,000 tons of HCFeMn per annum. Each furnace is designed to switch to either HCFeMn giving the plant flexibility to fully produce HCFeMn from both furnaces should market conditions dictate a switch in commodity.

Smelting Process

The smelting of HCFeMn involves a number of process steps as outlined in the adjoining diagram.